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 Twitter feeds, RSS feeds  

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 Twitter feeds, RSS feeds  

 Twitter feeds, RSS feeds  

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HTML5 & CSS3 "Cheat Sheets" list of resources

HTML 5.3 Working Draft

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the organization that establishes the non-binding recommended standards for the web, including HTML, HTTP, CSS, and XML. Their site includes info and references on all current and pending standards.


Internet Related Technologies has extensive tutorials (organized as FAQs) and forums on almost all varieties of web page development.


The Microsoft Developers Network has thousands of pages of info.


WebDeveloper.com forum


Web Developers Journal


HTML Code Tutorial has tutorials and a help forum.


Although the articles at Webmonkey are getting rather old, they still have a lot of good basic info.

browsershots.org displays screengrabs of your web page on a multitude of browser and operating system combinations, free.

  CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

W3C CSS Home
CSS Zen Garden try the same page with different CSS
Blooberry Alphabetical CSS Property Index

  Javascript, DHTML, DOM (Document Object Model)

Javascript Kit, formerly Website Abstraction, is a compilation of free javascripts (including the one used to put the current date on this page) and help.


Dynamic Drive free javascripts and forums
Javascript Search free javascripts, articles & tutorials
ObjEnv Javascript Links
O'Reilly: A Brief History of Javascript
Drop-Down Menu Basics

  XML: Extensible Markup Language

O'Reilly: XML.com
IBM Developer Works: XML
Microsoft Deveoper's Network (MSDN): XML
Cover Pages: XML
Planet XML Hack weblog

  HTML Freeware:

    AceHTML Freeware is back. AceHTML Free is an excellent free HTML editor. The maker, Visicom Media, has twice withdrawn support from the free version, to encourage users to purchase the pay version, but the free version has again reappeared.

    You might also consider HTML Builder XP-LITE v6.0 Beta (make sure you get the LITE free version, not the $99 pro version free trial) and HTML-Kit. EVRSoft's 1st Page 2000 is another excellent free HTML editor. In fact, like all good freeware, you should download and try all four before somebody takes them away.

  FTP Freeware:

    AceFTP 3 Free is an excellent free FTP client for uploading your web pages. Core FTP is also clean, neat, totally-free FTP client software that promises "no popup ads, advertising or spyware and you're never asked or reminded to register." Other FTP freeware you might want to try: Seagull FTP and EmFTP.

  General Web Development Help Links

A List Apart has over 600 articles on web development, with more added regularly.

Digital Web Magazine also has hundreds of articles on web development, and is still growing.

Dreamweaver Club has help forums for Macromedia's (now Adobe's) Dreamweaver software, and for HTML & CSS in general.

WebMaster World has Q&A discussion forums, with 30 topics in 4 categories, and thousands of postings.

Echo Echo features tutorials for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Flash animations, plus free tools and resources including Java applets, graphics, JavaScripts, and CGI scripts.

Brain Jar contains web programming articles, tutorials & examples.

Boutell.com offers help in many areas of web development, and the well-known 'MapEdit' shareware image map editor.

Apple Developer Connection: Internet

ASPdev.org is for those who use Active Server Pages.

Netscape DevEdge, Netscape's web development site was taken offline in October, 2004, then restored under the Mozilla.org domain. But countless links (and Google search) still point to the old domain, which is defunct.

Apache Server Software is the most popular web server software by far, and it is a free download.

Yale Web Style Guide (online book)
DevX: Web Development
SitePoint articles & forums

"Deep Links".

Internet Supervision will check, for free, the time it takes one of your web pages (up to 100KB) to load at 9 different locations around the world simultaneously.

URL: http://
e.g.: tennis.quickfound.net/wta_player_info.html

W3C online HTML & XHTML Validator
W3C online CSS Validator
Unicode Converter
Color Code Converter-Displayer