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Twitter list feed widgets have become a common to configure custom newsfeeds.

Go to and enter a Twitter timeline or list URL to create the widget code. (search term widgets are no longer supported by Twitter).

Feed2JS is a free service which converts RSS feed data to HTML for display on your website. Feed2JS can make any proper RSS feed into an embedded newsfeed on your site. The conversion can be done by the Feed2JS server, or you can install the Feed2JS software on your own server.

CBS News RSS Feeds
ABC News RSS Feeds
USA Today RSS Feeds many include photos

Science Daily RSS Feeds lots of text description (science) RSS Feeds

Google News RSS Feeds can be created with this URL:

simply replacing "SEARCHTERM" with whatever topic you wish to search for.

Reuters offers free RSS newsfeeds to individuals & non-profit corporations for non-commercial use.

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  USA Today News RSS

The Financials provides over almost 50 free javascript feeds, giving daily market closing prices and charts in general and specific categories, and you can choose any of 5 sizes for each. If you click on a particular listing, the accompanying chart changes to that item. The links DO open in new windows. These financial feeds are not customizable, but they look good. The Financials offers customization and cobranding options for a fee.