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The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel stickers are currently the simplest solution, and no longer require registration. The code they provide is a short piece of javascript.

AccuWeather now has a simplified interface to obtain weather "stickers," which does not require registration. The code they provide uses a linked javascript. You must choose between an overly large interactive "sticker," practically a whole page, or an overly simple small one. Both auto-resize, within limits.

Weather Underground
Weather Underground system for obtaining new weather stickers is not functioning as of this writing. Their old stickers still work, so far.

Environment Canada
"The information produced by the Government of Canada is copyrighted. However, since the information and the data on our web pages are for general use, we grant you permission to reproduce on your site, for non-commercial purposes, the information found on our public pages, provided that you clearly acknowledge Environment Canada as the source of this information. Remember that the data and information remains copyrighted to the Government of Canada, and all copyright laws apply."

USNO Atomic Clock
Get free HTML code to add the CORRECT time to your website.

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