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There are currently three services providing free site search engines. With all three, you can customize the color, your logo, and other features on the results pages. All will index at least 500 pages on your site. Beyond that, the features vary widely. All of the forms below have been configured to search all of Try them to get a look at their respective results pages, which will (in this case) open in new windows.

The free site search engine will index up to 1000 pages of your website. The index can be updated automatically weekly, or on demand as often as daily if you wish. You can specify "secondary entry urls" (multiple start pages), a feaure which helps make sure your site is indexed completely. Currently, 3 text (paid search) ads appear above your listings in the free version; you can pay to have them removed. The SiteLevel form includes a web search option, utilizing the "Chubba" multisearch engine. The provided code is more than twice the size of the FusionBot code, and generates a larger form:

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The free site search engine will index up to 500 pages of your website, and also will generate a site map. The index can be automatically updated monthly. Currently, 2 banner ads appear on the results pages, one above and one below the results. Additional features are available in a paid version, without the ads. The provided code is short, and generates a very compact form, which could easily fit within a navigation frame:

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The FreeFind free site search engine provides a site map, with 3 optional ways to view the map. Unfortunately, however viewed, the site map for does not seem to reflect the structure of the site. Pages in subdomains were listed twice (e.g. "" and ""). The site map makes much more sense. There is no fixed page limit to your index with FreeFind, rather the limit is based on the amount of memory your index uses, with an initial limit of 32MB. They state that this can handle as many as 3000 pages, and say they provide "liberal, free increases" by request. You can declare multiple start pages for FreeFind to index from, a useful feature (also offered by SiteLevel) which helps assure complete indexing. FreeFind provides unlimited on demand re-indexing and automatic re-indexing as often as daily. Currently, a single 468x60 banner ad appears on your results pages; you can pay to have it removed. There is a web search option built-in (you can exclude it if you want to), but not as good as the one from SiteLevel. The standard form code requires slightly more load time than FusionBot or atomz basic, but less than SiteLevel:
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The PicoSearch free site search engine has been discontinued.

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