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Widgetbox carries more than 43,000 website addons, the "web’s biggest selection of widgets for every purpose: games, calendars, news feeds, and every species of bling you can imagine."'s free AnswerTips are small bubbles of information triggered by double-clicking any word on an AnswerTips-enabled page. This feature allows your visitors to access definitions and fast facts on millions of obscure words, personalities or slang, without wandering from your site.

Sites offering free forums for your website:
Forum Up - Hot Plug Ins - Poppy Dog - Forum Co

Qlock offers a free, compact javascript clock for your webpages that keeps the running current time (not just at page load) at a city of your choice from around the world.

Clock Link provides a wide variety of free website clocks to choose from.

FusionBot enables anyone to configure a site search engine for their website in minutes, without the need to install any software. There are free and paid versions.

You can create your own web radio broadcasts in just minutes at Live365, the world's largest network of independently produced audio content. free Currency Coverter free Currency Coverter and Exchange Rates Table

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